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How To Think for Yourself

How To Think for Yourself

Article update with video of the event

Provided in partnership with Sage Publishing, Alex Baratta and Tom Chatfield

Alex Baratta and Tom Chatfield discuss thinking, reading and writing critically

What does it mean to read, write and engage critically in the contemporary context? Authors and researchers Dr Alex Baratta (How to read and write critically, SAGE) and Dr Tom Chatfield (How To Think, SAGE) examine the importance of taking control of your time, attention and engagement; what it means to develop confidence in your own study and thinking skills; and why evidence-based analysis matters more than ever in an age of disinformation, distraction and fake news.

This video covers how to:

  • Approach your studies, work and life inquisitively and critically
  • Take a strategic approach to reading and research
  • Get critical in writing, so you can achieve higher marks

How To Think for Yourself

By Alex Baratta Tom Chatfield
Dr Tom Chatfield is a British author, independent scholar and philosopher of technology. His textbooks for SAGE publishing include Critical Thinking, How To Think and Think Critically. Tom took his doctorate at St John's College, Oxford, and is a former Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute, guest faculty member at the Said Business School, and senior Associate at the interdisciplinary think-tank Perspectiva. A TED Global speaker, Non Executive Director and Advisor at a number of not-for-profits, he writes and broadcasts internationally on technology, ethics and education. Dr Alex Baratta is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, teaching within the Manchester Institute of Education. Here he runs a writing centre - Write Away - for the School of Environment, Education and Development. His initial teaching experience was in EFL and academic writing, experiences he has brought to five books he has written which are focused on study skills, such as essay writing and cr

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